Saturday opening for Stine’s exhibit Dig a Hole Forever

MARFA – Dig a Hole Forever, an exhibition of recent paintings by Raychael Stine will open in Marfa, Saturday, October 12, at Eugene Binder, 218 N. Highland Avenue with an opening reception for the artists from 9 to 11pm.

“It is really no different from painting blobs and pours and anything else—all is representational and all is abstraction of something,” said artist Stine of her recent paintings.

Indeed, that is probably the best introduction to the work in this extraordinary show. With the pursuit of painting as her primary objective, Stine uses her amazing technical skill and facility to render the boundaries between representation and abstraction superfluous.

Mediating these purportedly divergent directions poses no visual conflict for the artist; she even goes further, courageously unifying the various works in the exhibition into an interrelated whole.

Compellingly beautifully painted “portraits” of her dogs peer out from under layers of blankets (or veils), and objects/totems coexist with poetic passages of “abstract” paint handling. Stine blithely employs strategies that transcend subject matter and painting disciplines.

The paintings also form a complex investigation of fragments that relate to one another, and although often partially obscured, are integrated into unlikely combinations that can be delightfully puzzling.

Layers of images that refer to themselves coexist with their duplicates in other paintings as part of a process that the artist calls “re-picturing things.” Representational paintings of dogs touch on aspects of canine and human existence that fall somewhere between intuitive and instinctual, alluding to the subconscious, in particular the psychology of the dog–man relationship, which pet owners may not want to examine too deeply.

The catchphrase “more than meets the eye” becomes a subtle metaphor that the artist shares with viewers from an otherworldly realm inhabited by her and her dogs.

Stine is currently assistant professor at the University of New Mexico. Her work has been exhibited at Denise Bibro Gallery, New York as well as being included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Chicago area and throughout Texas.

Her work was selected for the New Insight Exhibition, Art Chicago, New American Paintings Issue 78 as well as the Texas Biennial.

She is a recipient of the Dallas Museum of Art Degoylier Grant, The Stone Award Scholarship at UIC and the Gendler Fellowship as artist in residence at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art.

Her work was first included in a three-person exhibition at Eugene Binder in Marfa in 2003.