Eugene Binder to feature Hillary Holsonback video installation at Roy's Garage

Hillary Holsonback’s new video exhibition “Tan Is Here” will open this Friday evening October 6 with a reception for the artist from 7 to 10 p.m. at a new “pop up” location,  Roy’sGarage, 130 W. San Antonio Street in Marfa.

This is the third exhibition Holsonback has had at Binder in Marfa. During this period her work has moved from “collaged” photographic imagery, incorporating images of herself clandestinely posed in almost unrecognizable contexts with (and as) 1920’s German film stars with an affectation toward men’s wardrobe and costuming. Subsequently Holsonback is now moving to video imagery though which she now creates brief moments of contemporary “interpretation” via Instagram, once again putting herself back into the frame of imagery, clad subtly in wigs and costume that reflect the particular “moment” she wishes to work within. Her discoveries are in one of the most popular mediums of contemporary culture, Instagram, and her expertise therein has given her the capability to expand and contract moments of experience for she creates for her viewers. 

One’s viewing experience shifts exponentially as the video begins and continues. There are no plots, no moments of suspense built into the “construction” of the work, in the conventional sense of this definition, nor any further expanded plots that are developed.  The concept of “present” has shifted into a continuum of time as elastic and pliable as the artist wishes to create it. The interpretation, if in fact one is discernible or applicable, is likewise hydra-headed and ambiguous. Will the phrases that are being articulated lead to some forward motion or resolution within the context of the work? As the video expands in its own time, it takes on a somewhat warped, and reconstituted “present,” fully manipulated of course by the artist. The heightened anticipation on the part of the viewer assuming further developments will actually occur, and how they may occur, ends up being counter intuitive to to the expectation. It becomes obvious that none of the forthcoming possibilities align with the expected linear progression that all has somehow fallen by the wayside and strangely become more interesting without the expected content.

The video installation will continue through selected times during the weekend and by appointment. Please call 432. 729. 3900 for further information.

Still from: HILLARY HOLSONBACK,  Tan Is Here , 2017.

Still from: HILLARY HOLSONBACK, Tan Is Here, 2017.