Alyce Santoro exhibition opens Friday at Binder

MARFA, Texas. – An art exhibition by Alyce Santoro opens from 6-9pm Friday at Eugene Binder, located at 215 N. Highland Avenue.

Her work addresses a myriad of concepts in a variety of mediums. In the current climate of what might be referred to as post-deconstructivist, Ms. Santoro’s thinking and creative process go against the grain.

A major component of her work is creating underlying and holistic relationships between seemingly disparate aspects of the art she makes, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, the interaction between the different aspects of her work being an important part of the overall “landscape” of her creative process.

As Ms. Santoro puts it, “for many years I was a devout existentialist. Then I discovered believing in everything is more fulfilling than believing in nothing.”

Like the sorcerer’s apprentice, the work she creates has a life of its own, often taking a direction that was perhaps unforeseen when initially completed. And like the actual sorcerer, she is very much in control via the skeins of meaning that she endows each work with, forming the conceptual foundation of everything she makes, from objects, which she refers to as “Philosoprops,” based on the specific object’s relationship to philosophical concepts, as well as paradoxes (not to mention puns and malapropisms). “Sonic Fabric” is one example, as well as the two-dimensional works she refers to as the “Color of Space,” visualizing tonal relationships.

During the opening reception Friday evening, there will be several performances by Ms. Santoro at random intervals. One will be using a Ruben’s tube, an apparatus used to make sound waves visible in flames. There is no danger in giving away one of her performances, as the atmosphere created by just this one work has to be experienced simply by being present.

Ms. Santoro received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology from Southampton College, Southampton, New York, and earned a graduate certificate in scientific illustration from RISD, Providence, Rhode Island. Her most recent New York exhibition at Gasser-Gruner took place in 2013.

Exhibition hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm and by appointment.

More info: 432.729.3900 or

ALYCE SANTORO, Soundings (installation view)

ALYCE SANTORO, Soundings (installation view)