a day without postmodernist irony opening at Eugene Binder October 5

A day without post modernist irony will be on view at Eugene Binder located at 218 N. Highland Avenue, Marfa, Texas throughout the day this Friday October 5 through Sunday October 7. The somewhat ambiguous title might be posited as a question, or actually numerous questions. Is possible for anything to be devoid of post modernist irony at present? If so what exactly are the motivations for the artists whose work is included in this exhibition to make these works? What works of art in turn were influential for the development of their respective visual vocabularies? What are the motivating aspects for these artists, presumably linked to contemporary culture, and (or) art historical study and observation inherent in the creation of their work? Are at least some of these aspects based on a desire to create beauty? Can the philosophical concerns of each artist be discerned in the compositional schema, or in other elements of their respective work?

The paintings and works on paper in this exhibition, when viewed from this perspective, become an intriguing labyrinth of visual possibilities created by the eleven artists whose work is included, as well as an extraordinary documentation of their respective explorations. 

The evening of Friday, October 5, and Saturday, October 6, an untitled outdoor work by the uncollaborative will be on view in front of Roy’s garage 130 W. San Antonio Street, Marfa, Texas.

For further information please call 432. 729. 3900